time for my ramble! you can call me aiai, aichi, or just plain ai. i'm a college student, majoring in anthropology and museum studies, hoping to go to graduate school and obtain my jd and phd!

i am not very good with socializing; i struggle due to being agoraphobic and negative experiences in the past buttressing my fears. i hope to add my favorite pieces of media, and some characters i relate to here later on!

when it comes to describing myself, i either spam like 400 paragraphs within 2 minutes or push 3 sentences and disappear for 80 years. usually i just focus on one trait i have and make it my personality towards everyone i'm interacting with, but this is the internet, and i should be a little more open. someone once told that i am the embodiment of the "duality of man", which i still am unsure if that's a compliment or not.

i grew up really into debate and politics, and it nudged me towards law as a career path, but it also hindered me socially and led to a lot more issues with those i am around. i'm very passionate and intense, and some feel a bit intimidated by the conviction in which i speak with, but rest assured i just want to impress others with the things i've learned. i come from a family of academics, so i guess i inherited the silver tongue.

i think a lot of people value honesty or kindness or trustworthiness over everything, but i value diplomacy above all. i don't want to be around people that say things and throw caution to the wind. i also don't want to be friends with people that prioritize other's feelings before their needs. a healthy mix of both is always best, for most things in life.

one of the things i hate most is being perceived incorrectly, so i try my best to embody stereotypes in order for people to better understand me, and then befriend me. i hate enigmas, and i hate being seen as one. because of this, i recognize people can find me quite scary once i learn that someone views me in a way differently than how i make myself appear. i am typically extremely cautious and reserved, as a result of my agoraphobia. i do my best to adapt to others wants and needs, but i'm also working on becoming more centered and recognizing that i have wants and needs too.

i tend to type oddly (Capitalizing things because it Adds Dramatic Flair) and it's usually for my own amusement; i struggle to communicate or at least deliver jokes successfully, so i use this as a means to translate my words a bit more.

anyway, in the most tldr fashion possible, i'd chalk myself up to be a decently well-rounded person, who has a nostalgic pull towards damn near everything. i hope that describes me well enough. i will fight the urge to delete all of this . .

I Can't Remember Love