feb . 19 . 2024

had to take a . . . ten day break? the daily entries were difficult to keep up with, and i don't have that eventful of a life as of right now. yeat dropped a new album, so i've been trying to listen to that and see if it sucks as much as afterlyfe. i'm fifteen songs in, and so far it sucks more. i've receieved a lot of good news for this upcoming week, so i'm trying to ignore any negativity, despite it building all around me lol. i'm also trying to be patient and wait on some uni stuff, and if it also ends up positive, then i'll be insanely happy for . . . however long is socially appropriate haha. i'm going to resume my language tutoring, and hopefully make some headway compared to last year. i want to visit a new country this summer or fall, and it won't be fun if i can't speak at least a little of the local language. also going to meet with a surgeon regarding two procedures in april-ish . . . ? so i can get a head start (or is it headstart? head-start? ugh) on the surgery process. that way i can get my operations before/during the summer, and recover then. i'm hoping for a busy fall! i also have my maxillofacial surgery consult next monday, and i'm really nervous but also excited for actual surgery to begin soon. just not on my birthday, please-- i wanna be able to eat !! i hope you've all been okay, i don't really know how to interact with the people who've viewed my blog but aren't in servers to speak to. maybe a chatbox? or a guestbook? i dunno . . . i'll put in a poll sometime to see what you all like. stay safe, warm, n well fed this spring!
how i'm feeling lately

🖇 status
birth month is coming!!

💟 feeling
hopeful and excited!

🖇 working on
patience, keeping my calm

💟 listening to
2093 (P2) album