january . 10 . 2024

i have a really complex coding idea for an interactive page on here in the future; i hope i don't forget it . . .
i'm going to rewatch spirited away tonight after my bath and cry for a while, probably lament my undesirability as well haha
people speak about your twenties being this haven for socializing and romance and first experiences but i lack so severely in all three that i'm contemplating a hermit's lifestyle soon . . .
there's only so many gossip forums and youtube videos someone can watch before they're convinced they should just do that forever (this didn't make sense the way it does in my head)
if i slip on the ice one more time istg . . .
another gloomy day; i'll work on my novel sometime soon . . . a little preoccupied at the moment
how i'm feeling lately

🖇 status
excited for my bath & movie

💟 feeling
suicidal ; ;

🖇 working on
staying alive n coding

💟 listening to
rewind by wonder girls